Getting money back from rip-offs!
       Getting money back from companies that just list your property on some obscure website, and never produce any results can sometimes be as simple as two phone calls and ten minutes of your time. Most of these companies do not even return calls to the FEW renters and buyers that find their way to the website. However, their paperwork always contains something similar to “We will forward all requests for information, and offers on your property, to you for your consideration!”, and, under normal circumstances, you would have no way of knowing whether or not they had been contacted by a potential buyer or renter.  If, instead, you were to have someone you know contact them, (even a message on a voice-mail), “Hi, I’m interested in property at such/and/such resort, and I notice that you have an ad number so/and/so. Please contact me with information about the property.”  At that point, if they do not contact you with the information, they are most likely guilty of breach of contract. I’m pretty sure that breach of contract is grounds for your credit card company to get your money back for you. If they will not, you can then call the company yourself. Since you are usually talking to an answering machine, you may need to leave a message “I’m a customer of yours, and if I do not receive a call from the manager within 24 hours, I’m going to contact the Attorney General”! Once you have a manager on the line, let him know, that you know, that on such/and/such date, they received a request for information on your property from so/and/so, and that they did not forward the information to you in a timely fashion as it said they would in your contract. If you do not receive your money back immediately, you intend to file a complaint with the state consumer services bureau of the Attorney General’s office. You will also contact several consumer advocacy groups of which you are a member, and try to hook up with some of their other clients to form a class action suit. At that point, almost ANY manager will realize that it is cheaper, by far, to give you your money back, and get you out of his hair. You have become the squeaky wheel that needs the grease. I am not a lawyer, and can not give legal advice, but this system has gotten money back for me and several hundred other owners that I’ve passed it on to over the years.     Good luck!   And if you need more information, or if this doesn't work and you would like to explore other options, please give us a call. We are always happy to help!!