Unlike most deeded or leased property, we have seen that a timeshare (or interval ownership) cannot usually be sold by putting up a sign, or even running an ad in the paper. Another major difference is that few, if any, charities are willing to accept them as a gift. Most charities are now trying to get donations to pay the maintenance fees on the ones they already have. An owner who does not wish to continue to be stuck paying for something he is no longer using, and who does not wish to pass this burden on to his heirs, is in a difficult position.
     When the company who sold it to you originally will not take back a paid off property, even when it is offered for free, an owner comes to the realization that professional help is required. We at RDK Consultants can provide the information and assistance you need. You usually have several options at this point. Give us a call   and ask for a transfer specialist who can explain them to you and help you pick out the one best suited to your situation.  Call now! 
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