By renting your property, and telling the renter that the property he is renting is for sale (at a price at least 10% below the best price the resort offers, and that the rental payment can be used as his down payment), you can set up a situation where the resort unknowingly sells your property for you. When the renter checks in, the resort will certainly try to entice him into going on a tour. At the end of the tour, if the resort salesman has convinced him to buy property; and, the prospective buyer knows he can get your property at a price below that offered by the resort, which one do you think he will choose?
     Although the first renter may not buy, the rental payment will cover the maintenance fee, advertising cost, and hopefully put some money in your pocket.  Eventually one of the renters WILL buy!  This way, rather than costing you money each year, your property can be paying it’s own way and each year you have the possibility of getting it sold.
     This method of getting rid of property can eventually provide a reasonable sale price, but can take time and patience. Because of the time involved, some owners prefer to simply have it go away!

Rent to sell!