[                                                                                  Sample Contract
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P.O. Box 4136                                                                                                       Phone: 1-866-210-9576
Clearwater, FL 33758-4136                                                                            Fax:  1-727-216-8589

Owner Info:
Name:                                                                                                                 Account #:
City:                                                      State:                                        Zip:
Home Phone:                                                             Cell:
Work:                                                                            Fax:

Resort Name: __________________________________________________________
Location: ________________________________ Affiliation: ___________________
Week/Season: _______________   Annual:_____   Biannual:_____    Occ: _________
Size unit: ___________   Maint. Fees: $______________    Rent: $_______________
Special Features: _______________________________________________________
Banked Weeks: ________   With: ________________    

Terms, Conditions and Guarantees:
1) I, ______________________, agree to pay the sum of $____________ to RDK Consultants LLC, (hereafter known as RDK), for their assistance in the marketing for rental  of my vacation property.
2) I agree to cooperate fully in setting time to meet renter’s needs. All proceeds are paid directly to the deed holder (owner). RDK guarantees owner the opportunity to rent time to, if needed, up to 3 qualified renters per week each year, (within 90 days if the time is points or a float or banked).
3) I understand that, while no guarantees are possible, RDK will provide me with the most accurate and reliable information in the industry on which to base decisions, and will assist me to make the best decisions possible regarding my vacation property. I realize that I retain total control of, and responsibility for, the property as long as I retain ownership. Since enrollment with additional types of services may be necessary to market my property, I hereby authorize RDK to enroll my property, on my behalf, with such services, providing that such services are paid for out of the money I am paying to RDK. Any additional money necessary from me shall require separate approval on my part.
4) Owner should read this contract and amend any incorrect information. A signed contract MUST be returned to RDK  before any renters, buyers or solutions can be accomplished.
5) Due to payment method, owner has seven days from purchase to rescind contract.
6) Should any other company get your property sold before we do, for a price within 25% of what you have us asking, RDK will not only refund the money you have paid us, we will, upon proof of sale, pay you an amount equal to your advertising cost. That is a 200% money-back guarantee!!

Method of Payment: _______   Amount: $___________   For:   Rental Program
Card #: ________-________-________-_________   Exp. _________ Cid # __________

Owner Signature: __________________________________________ Date __________

RDK Consultants LLC Officer:     Bob Kerns                                                                     Date__________