Selling your property!
      There are a few facts that any vacation property owner should be aware of. For instance, there is almost no resale market for a timeshare! Since 90% of the people who ARE going to buy a timeshare in the next year, do not know, today, that they are going to buy one; it stands to reason that advertising alone is unlikely to get one sold. Most folks are invited, by a resort, to go on a 90 minute tour. Several hours later, they own a timeshare, and wonder how it happened. This is how timeshares have been sold for 50 years. And, this is the ONLY way resorts sell them!
    If an owner wishes to advertise his/her property on the internet, they should be aware of the simple fact that there are literally tens of thousands of properties already for sale there. Between eBay, Craig’s List and at least 10,000 web sites with timeshares for sale, you can buy Gold Crown properties in any location in the world for $500 to $1,000. With this kind of competition, what do you think your chances are of selling your property for a reasonable amount?
    Resorts, who sell timeshares for a living, know that the only way to get them sold is to get the prospective buyer on a tour. Therefore, it stands to reason that an owner, wanting to get his property sold needs to do the same thing. Since resorts do not usually volunteer to tour folks for an owner, it becomes necessary to use a different approach.
Sometimes it is possible to "Rent to Sell"